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Patterns are memories waiting to be imprinted and experienced in our lives. When you have the power to create your own world, patterns are the tool to help you capture attention, create emotion, set the mood, and create instant connection with your customer through a shared visual experience.

Whether for fashion, interiors, home textiles, or special event projects we work with your brief to create designs that balance commercial and creative needs.

We draw inspiration and influences from old and new, photography, art, history, culture and classic and contemporary design elements. We rely on hand drawn and digital techniques and enjoy creating color stories, and our designs continue to evolve as we explore new themes.

​Attracted to want to know more? Use the contact form or email us directly at to discuss your project or request more information.


  • Custom Pattern Development

  • Production Ready File Preparation

  • Licensing

  • Yardage Prints

  • Silhouette Cut Prints

  • Technical File Prep (including colorways, indexing, motif separation)

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