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I'm Mila! I'm the face and the hands behind The Pattern Edit. What started as a passion project quickly grew into a professional textile design and creative studio serving clients in my home city of Toronto and from around the world with a mission to help connect brands with their audiences through shared visual experiences and drive their customer to want more!

Whether you are looking for on trend runway reactions or timeless & seasonless wardrobe staples, I rely both on hand drawn techniques and mixed & digital media to construct visual narratives that make seeing and experiencing beauty both exciting and accessible! My Print Library includes a number of prints creative teams can use on the go or feel confident about putting to production 18-12 months in advance.


My work aims to balance both creative elements with commercial design needs while evoking a feeling of confidence in those looking to feel their best. You can explore a range of staple print categories including florals, animal skins, non prints, retros, geos, stripes, textures, marbling and more that are suitable for a number of of product and market ranges by registering to access the Print Library here

I value my creative journey  just as much as an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with my clients and help them bring their vision to life! I am always on the lookout for new creative projects land look forward to hearing from you to get started on your custom design project. Use the form below to get started!

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