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5 Key Color Trends for Fall 2023 According to WGSN

Hello, Fall 2023! It may be prime summer up here in the northern hemisphere as I am writing but with plenty of Fall 2023 inspiration around it's hard not to want to look ahead. Color has the power to set the mood and reveal the emotional states we journey through. WGSN color forecasting is rather reflective of directional shifts in consumer needs and preferences than is designed be used as a personal dressing guide or a singular color story. Predicted colors reflect evolving moods we may come to collectively experience and rely on to fulfill our emotional needs. For Fall/Winter 2023/24, WGSN predicts key colors to be galactic blue, sage leaf, astro dust, digital lavender, and apricot crush that point to optimistic energy about rebuilding and reconstructing our futures contrasted by calming and healing tones needed to balance the transition.

WGSN head of color, Jenny Clark notes that “..key colors capture the evolving behaviors of the consumer and are sensitive to their shifting emotional states and changing lifestyles. We believe confidence will return and vibrant, energizing colors will resonate, connecting to travel and discovery, reigniting the imagination. In contrast, healing and settling tones will appeal to people seeking to calm and rebalance their body and mind.”

Enjoy inspiration from the runway to help you navigate the storytelling for 2023.


Named as the color of the year for 2023 by WGSN, digital lavender is a calming and soft lilac shade that is "soothing" and "restful" balancing assertive fall jewel shades in the palette. It is predicted to be a stronger focus for knits, loungewear, separates, accessories, and designs. In line with Pantone Very-Peri 2022 color of the year, whether pastel or a rich hue purple was seen on the catwalk in shows including ACNE Studios, YSL, Carolina Herrera, and more.


A warm, bright, luminous peachy shade of orange, Apricot Crush reflects optimistic and a unifying energy and play. It is both restorative and energizing bridging the differences between genders and age groups as we collectively reconstruct our visions for the future. It is a versatile shade that is predicted work across knitwear, loungewear, activewear, and outerwear and forecasted to be worked into seasonal prints including plaids, stripes, and florals. The playful peachy shades were seen across a number of Fall catwalk shows including Chloe, Stouls, Gabriela Hearst, and more.

In a recent statement, WGSN also forecasted Apricot Crush to be the color of the year for 2024 dethroning Digital Lavender from it's 2023 reign making it a safe bet to bank on.