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Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report NYFW and LFW Spring Summer 2023

Among many things September brings such as coming to terms with the end of summer, switching one's closet to a fall wardrobe, and getting into the pumpkin spice latte season it also ushers the anticipation and rush of excitement for the Spring/Summer fashion runway season. Global fashion weeks that sweep across New York, London, Milan, and Paris shift attention towards new trends and new ways self expression and creativity. Every major fashion city brings it's unique perspective and is known for it's distinct aesthetic. New York's aesthetic is known to be defined by it's utility and function. London has an edgier and less constrained underground culture vibe. Milan and Paris bring a culture of century old craftsmanship and artistry featuring top fashion houses.

Pantone Color Institute™ publishes it's Fashion Color Trend Report for the fashion industry it expects to be seen on the runway for the season. The New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2023 reports feature 10 standout colors and 5 evolving core classics. Here's a few more highlights from the this season's report.

New York Fashion Week Pantone Color Trends

The 10 key colors Pantone highlights from the Spring/Summer 2023 collections features "A range of contrasting colors encouraging experimentation and individualistic expression." Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute notes that "Colors for Spring/Summer 2023 are recalibrated for the new era we are entering. Blending escapism with reality, wholesomeness, and joy, we embrace the exploration of extreme contrast in mood and color."

The 5 core classic shades are "ultra-calm tints and tones suggest a quiet presence. There is utility and basic-ness to this season’s color story, while at the same time, there is an uplifting vital sense of play that comes through.”

London Fashion Week Pantone Color Trends

The top 10 standout colors Pantone highlights at LFW feature "Dynamic shades blend with quiet tones for animated pairings and witty mixes." The 5 key classic colors seen this season similar to New York Fashion week showcase "ultra-calm tints and tones suggest a quiet presence".

Here's more of what Pantone says about LFW color range: "Recontextualised with a modern edge, this season’s colours integrate tradition and innovation marrying our need for brightness and vibrant positivity with quieting tinted tones. A fearless attitude and freedom of expression reframes our perceptions of colour with a no-holds-barred approach coming through in witty mixes and animated pairings."

Enjoy a few other curated looks from the recent runway shows that highlight the season's color palette.

Image Credits: Cult Gaia, Mithridate, Jason Wu Collection, The Attico, Knwls, Mithridate, Altuzarra, Norma Kamali

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You can find the original Pantone Fashion Color Trend articles from the Pantone Color Institute on their site.


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