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Phoebe Philo in Prints: Style & Aesthetic 2008-2018, Old Céline

Phoebe Philo's iconic era at Céline 2008-2018 transformed the way women dress in many ways that still influences the way we to put together their outfits today. The Phoebe Philo woman was minimalist, driven by functional wardrobe aesthetic. She was intellectual, together, yet playful, artsy and expressive. While known for the minimal and refined style, Phoebe Philo's era at Céline saw the brand use textile prints and graphics that helped express a fun, playful, and refined side to the Phoebe Philo woman. Prints and graphics were used across a number of collections that saw some of the brand's most memorable fashion moments including Kanye West famously rocking the scarf print blouse, Yves Klein blue paint dress, Kate Moss rocking the banana print bodysuit among others. Here, we explore how some of the print categories were used and helped carry and communicate Céline aesthetic.

Animal Prints

A staple print for any wardrobe that adds bold and commanding attention to oneself, animal skins and prints were widely used throughout old Celine's collections whether in abstracted graphic all over decorative prints to more natural skins that brought raw animal power into one's wardrobe. Leopard print coats, zebra and tiger stripes, cowhide prints mixed in with bold color panels were mostly used in outerwear paired with plain monochromatic pieces.

I decided to work on things that obsess women because women can't resist things like lace, sequins, animal prints and python. - Phoebe Philo


Florals are a staple vehicle in fashion communication and are used across a variety of styles and aesthetics. All over, camo effect flower prints expressed a bold personality allowing one to make a statement rather than using flowers in dainty decorative ways.

My aim is to reveal not display women. - Phoebe Philo

Stripes and Color Blocking

Mixing warm and cold tones, bold color combinations or monochromatic shades, color blocks and striped created eye catching and refined styles.

Checks and Plaids