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Gucci's Eclectic Love Parade Spring-Summer 2022 Collection Prints & Graphics

Gucci SS'2022 Love Parade collection prints and graphics take us on a psychedelic trip of eclectic print styles and dynamic visual expressions. Alessandro Michele's vision of modern Gucci dressing combines old school vintage print styles mixed with contemporary monogrammed sports and streetwear along with maximalist bold florals and idyllic tropical vacation postcard prints. Spring Summer 2022 collection tells a story of "old-and-new" inclusivity, seductive sensuality, and attention commanding quirkiness all while staying true to the brand's core quality and craftsmanship!

Check out some of the styles explored below!

Art Nouveau Revival

The collection combines graphic flourishes and floral silhouettes reminiscent of Art Nouveau style heroes such as Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha, 1960s Art Nouveau posters, and mid century geometric patterns. Retro color palettes mixed with bold gold accents command the attention!

Tropical Escape

Tropical Hawaiian vacation postcard prints paired formal wear and structured pieces, and oversized glasses command undying attention!

Floral Garden Prints

Art Nouveau oversized style flowers and maximalist all over ditsy floral prints create a maximum impact.

Gucci Monogram Logo Essentials

Monogrammed logo graphics on bodywear, base layers, or worked into outerwear to be layered or worn as standalone statement pieces. Bright bold acid rich color combinations or in toned down every day palettes.

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