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Color of the Year 2024: Apricot Crush Color Palettes and Inspiration - UPDATED

This post was originally written and published in January 2023 following WGSN x Coloro Color of the Year 2024 announcement in September 2023. The Pantone Color Institute announced it's Color of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz 13-1023 TCX in December 2023. The synergy between both color of the year picks points to a shared theme of connection, closeness, care, and energy 2024 will bring into our lives! Read more about color of the year selection and curated market fashion trends below.

Color of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz from Pantone Color Institute™

Pantone Color Institute™ announced it's Color of Year 2024 selection in early December 2023. Peach Fuzz 13-1023 TCX is described as a "subtly sensual, heartfelt peach hue bringing a feeling of kindness and tenderness, communicating a message of caring and sharing, community and collaboration."

Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director at the Pantone Color Institute commented on why Peach Fuzz became the pick for 2024:

In seeking a hue that echoes our innate yearning for closeness and connection, we chose a color radiant with warmth and modern elegance. A shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless.

In fashion, apparel, and accessories Peach Fuzz "inspires us to instinctively want to reach out and touch. Conveying a message of tactility that comes through in sueded, velvety, quilted, and furry textures, luxuriously soothing and soft to the touch, PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz is an enveloping peach hue that awakens our senses to the comforting presence of tactility and cocooned warmth."

Moodboard featuring women and inspiration imagery in Peach Fuzz  Color of the Year 2024 by Pantone.

Images: Patou via Vogue Runway, Mango, Pantone Color Institute™

Original article written in January 2023 below.

Color of the Year 2024: Apricot Crush from WGSN x Coloro

Welcome to the world of Apricot Crush! The official color of the year 2024 was announced by the experts at WGSN and Coloro back in September. The consumer and design trend forecasting agency takes into account a variety of influences in the world of color and design, including fashion, culture, art and global trends when making their color of the year selection that will come to dominate consumer space. Apricot Crush (Coloro 024-65-27) strikes a balance between yellow and red on the visible spectrum and brings a sense of warming luminosity. WGSN notes that the color was chosen for it's "restorative, refreshing and energetic" qualities that are a perfect match for a world in search of "calm and optimism".

Images via Vogue Runway.

"Cultivating a hopeful and positive mindset has become a powerful coping mechanism for consumers. Care, connection and community underlie our colour of the year, which is also reminiscent of the nutritional value of oranges and apricots, which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants," - WGSN

When it comes to fashion, Apricot Crush transcends boundaries to appeal across genders and generations who are looking to retail to fulfill their desire for newness and self expression. Near Pantone equivalents Peach Pink (15-1530), Tangelo (15-1335), Persimmon (16-1544), and Iced Mango (14-1140) were also highlighted as key colors to watch in SS'23 NYFW and LFW Color Trend Report confirming the importance of bright warm oranges for Spring 2024 season and beyond. The sun bleached quality of Apricot Crush makes it a versatile shade that works year round and . The mid level luminosity makes it a great selection when designing for physical and digital products whether they will be shown in the metaverse or on the street.

Seen across a number of runway shows in the latest Spring/Summer 2023 and Pre-Fall 2023 runway season, Apricot crush is a great choice for across categories including activewear, resort, swim, loungewear, lingerie or within core aesthetics. Looking for inspiration and ways to design with Apricot Crush within your range? Check out the 6 color palettes that have been trending on the runway. Whether bright neons, gelato pastels, muted mid-tones, Apricot crush can be dialed up or toned down to suit any customer and direction.

Design with Apricot Crush

Color of the Year 2024 Color Palette Inspiration for SS'24

Balancing Mid-tones

Maryam Nasser Zadeh's SS'23 collection features complementary orange and green shades creating a beautiful visual balance that looks and feels right and is eye catching and commanding all at once. The complementary balance between the apricot and green uplifts and grounds and adds a touch of playfulness.

 Color of the Year 2024 Apricot Crush Color Palette - Maryam Nasser Zadeh SS23

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

Active Brights

Eudon Choi SS'23 collection is a play of active brights. Orange makes a bold statement and is a closer match for Pantone Tangelo. The collection pairs bright complementary oranges and blues that are energising and mood boosting. Perfect for activewear, swim, and resort. This is a more saturated interpretation of Apricot crush for energising directions.

Apricot Crush Color of the Year - Eudon Choi SS'23 collection

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

Sensual Pastels

Isabel Marant SS'23 collection features warm muted sensual feminine mid tones mixing apricot, mauve, cognac balanced with cooler greens and blues. This is a bohemian color direction. It's softness is it's strength all at once. Apricot Crush is a subtle touch that makes the palette so powerful.

 Color of the Year 2024 Apricot Crush Color Palette - Isabel Marant SS23

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

Warm Earthy Bohemian Palette

Ulla Johnson's SS'23 collection features deeper pigmented harmonies with burnt orange, purples, and reds, that are eye catching, playful and mysterious all at once. This is a deeper pigmented interpretation of Apricot crush that will appeal to free spirits looking for bold and expressive looks.

 Color of the Year 2024 Apricot Crush Color Palette - Ulla Johnson SS23

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

Gelato Pastels

Jonathan Simkhai SS'23 collection features delicate gelato tones working pastels with more pigmented shades. This is a deeper burnt orange interpretation of Apricot Crush mixed with a peppermint pastel hue that adds luminosity and comfort whether used in digital and physical realms.

 Color of the Year 2024 Apricot Crush Color Palette - Jonathan Simkhai SS23

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

Bold mid century tones

Alberta Ferretti SS'23 collection leans into true orange midtones with a contemporary twist. From true midtones to bright actives, the oranges set the tone for a bold and energising direction. Paired with turquoise and avocado greens the palette creates feminine, sensual, elegant looks.

 Color of the Year 2024 Apricot Crush Color Palette - Alberta Ferreti SS23

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

Apricot Crush is that will influence not just fashion alone but will be seen across other categories including interiors, home, wellness, beauty products, fragrance, skincare, tech products. What are your thoughts about WGSN and Coloro pick for 2024? Is it a surprising pick or more anticipated?

Peach Fuzz & Apricot Crush Fashion Trends 2024

This part of the post contains affiliate links. See the disclosure for more information.

Looking for in-market inspiration how Peach Fuzz and Apricot Crush colors are adapted in the main street? Check out curated selection from main street retailers. Images were picked to reflect various market segments, categories, and a range of price points from retailers in the US and EU. The images are curated from affiliate platforms and may earn a commission should you choose to make a purchase. Images are curated to provide a market overview only and have no affiliation with respective brands featured. Please reach out directly to if you're looking for more in-depth seasonal trend forecasting and market research trends.


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