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Fall 2024: Forecasting Color Trends

Forecasting color trends is a process where creativity, research, and data analysis meet. Color trends touch every point of our lives and create a dynamic and ever-changing landscape consumers look to keep up with to engage in social culture and reflect on their desires and needs. Forecasting agencies such as WGSN and Pantone use extensive modelling that takes into account both global macro influences including economic, political, and societal shifts; more micro cultural and psychological consumer behavior patterns; and seasonal influences including retail buying events and holidays to predict consumer buying habits and preferences. WGSN x Coloro and Pantone Institute of Color are industry leaders in color forecasting. For Fall 2024 color trends, key picks include both classic fall shades from deep warm berry toned reds, oranges, and purples to more novel and modern shades that will make the season unique and unforgettable! Take a look at curated runway looks that capture Fall 2024 seasonal color predictions and ways designers interpret collective moods and social paradigms shaping the season ahead.

WGSN x Coloro Picks for Fall 2024 Color Trends

The global authority on consumer and design trends, WGSN x Coloro, color picks for Fall/Winter 2024-25 season include Intense Rust, Midnight Plum, Apricot Crush, Sustained Grey, and Cool Matcha. The shades are said to reflect the need for "stability, escapism and restoration." Clare Smith, Color Strategist for WGSN further described the influences on our color preferences in Fall 2024 as:

As consumers remain sensitive and cautious about the future, there is a need for colours to do more and we see shades that offer stability and reassurance come to the forefront. In contrast to these timeless and grounding shades, colours that connect to nature and wellbeing remain key, with these restorative shades bringing a sense of calm and tranquility to the season. Finally, a sense of escapism sees the return of colours that can morph effortlessly between physical and digital realms.

Susan Chen, Managing Director of Coloro, also highlighted the considered and responsible approach to selecting seasonal color picking noting that: “Our mission to achieve responsible colour is evident in three ways. One, we expect these shades will have long lasting appeal, transcending multiple seasons into 2024- 2025. Two, Coloro’s system of organising colours by hue, lightness and chroma ensures these shades can work in perfect harmony and are complementary. Three, the Key Colours have gone through Coloro’s Health Check to confirm each is highly achievable with good testing results on multiple substrates including polyester, cotton and nylon. This ensures businesses aren’t wasting time or resources on colours that aren’t feasible.”

Here's more about the each color pick for Fall 2024.

WGSN x Color0 - Intense Rust 015-33-25

Intense Rust is a warm deep shade of red traditional with classic Fall storytelling in line with changing seasons and inviting a sense of warmth, connection with nature and fall color harmonies, versatility, depth, and richness. Previously predicted as a similar shade of Astro Dust as a key color for Fall 2023, Intense Rust confirms the longevity of deep reds for Fall 2024. Similar deep red Pantone hues including Red Dahlia 19-1555 TCX, Viva Magenta 18-1750 TCX, and Fired Brick 19-1337 TCX were seen across Fall 2023 collections amplify the importance of elegant and empowering reddish brown tones in the fashion landscape for Fall 2024.

Models wearing intense rust color outfits

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

WGSN x Color0 - Midnight Plum 151-22-09

Midnight Plum is a rich warm deep shade of purple with that falls in line with traditional Fall berry toned color folklore inviting a sense of mystery, beguiling, and subversive underground anti-trend directions that brings a sense of care and reflection consumers will seek. Purple berry hues including Sparkling Grape 19-3336 TCX, and a more enlivened fuchsia toned Rose Violet 17-2624 TCX were also highlighted as key colors seen in Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report during NYFW and LFW in Fall 2023 collections.

Mightnight Plum color trends seen on the runway.

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

WGSN x Color0 - Sustained Grey 035-73-04

Sustained grey is one of the two cooler color picks from WGSN and Coloro as a key color for Fall 2024. The subtle tinted neutral shade points to consumers prioritizing practicality, utility, and functionality to balance more directional shades that speak to a desire for yielding strength and restraint. Pantone Nimbus Cloud 13-4108 TCX and and deeper Lava Smoke 18-0202 TCX confirm the importance of greys as impenetrable, glib, solemn core colors for Fall 2024. Cool grey and and deep warm rich Intense Rust were seen as some of the prominent color harmony pairings across recent Spring 2024 Runway shows seen from catwalks in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Women wearing gray fall outfits.

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

WGSN x Color0 - Apricot Crush 024-65-27

It's no surprise that Apricot Crush, also named as Color of the Year in 2024 by WGSN and Coloro, will play a key role across consumer space in Fall 2024. The warm, vivid, playful, and pigmented shade of orange aligns perfectly with the color palettes traditionally associated with Fall and are gender inclusive and will appeal across different consumer age groups. Previously forecasted as a key shade for Fall-Winter 2023/24, Apricot crush continues to speak to the need and desire for hope and positivity consumers will be seeking to uplift their spirits in Fall 2024. Pantone Red Orange 17-1464 TCX and Persimmon 16-1544 TCX seen across Fall 2023 runway collections also speak to spontaneity and delicate nature the orange hue brings to fashion landscape.

Models wearing in the color trend forecasted for Fall 2024 Orange Apricot Crush

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

WGSN x Color0 - Cool Matcha 055-85-20

Cool Matcha is a lively tinted pastel that encompasses calm and restorative qualities key for consumers needs for Fall 2024 season. A non-traditional Fall hue, Cool Matcha brings freshness and liveliness to the season and with restorative and youthful qualities. This shade will land with ease in activewear, lounge and sleepwear, accessories, apres-ski or as accent colors worked in with more directional color harmonies for the season. More vivid and saturated shades of Pantone Sharp Green 13-0535 TCX and Kohlrabi 14-0255 TCX seen across Fall 2023 runway collections from New York to Paris and are said to add a dash of piquancy and exuberance and a focus on restorative and soothing priorities for consumers.

Women wearing green lime color fall outfits

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report Fall/Winter 2023-24

Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report analyzes dominating colors on the catwalk that will shape design trends and consumer buying preferences for the following 12-24 months as the market moves to adopt new paradigms and respond to cultural and consumer shifts. New York and London Fashion Week reports highlight 10 key shades along with 5 core classic colors that capture the storytelling and design concepts trending across New York and London Fashion weeks.

New York Fashion Fashion Pantone Color Trend report describes the ten key shades seen across the runways as a range of "joyful colors creates space for wide and free fashion imaginings."

Fall 2023 Pantone Color Trend Report

London Fashion Week Pantone Color Trend report describes the ten key shades seen across the runways as a range of "dynamic shades blend with subtle and refined shades for unconventional pairings and witty mixes."

Color Picks from London Fashion Week Color Trend Report Fall Winter 2023-24

Neutral Beige Pantone Fall 2024 Color trends

"Core Classics" colors seen across Fall-Winter 2023-24 collections were described by Pantone Institute of Color as "unobtrusive and subtle tints that display subtle presence and are recontextualized with a modern edge." Pantone Doe 16-1333TCX, Tender Peach 12-0912 TCX, Pale Khaki 15-1216 TCX, and Seedpearl 12-0703 TCX were present across Fall 2023 collections in February and again in Spring 2024 collections in September. These shades were featured across collections including Antonio Marras, Alberta Ferreti, AWAKE Mode, Isabel Marant, and Saks Potts and more.

Women wearing neutral beige color fall outfits.

Pantone Fall 2024 Blue Color Trends

Blue Pantone shades seen across Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Fashion trend reports and show a range of value between deep midnight darks like Pantone Eclipse 19-3810 TCX to a brighter and more playful shades like Pantone Persian Jewel 17-3934 TCX, Lacecap Hydrangea 14-3921 TCX, and Blue Atoll 16-4535 TCX. As WGSN x Coloro predict Future Dusk, a deep moody and intriguing hue sitting between blue and purple, as the color of the year in 2025, blues will start to play a key role in 2024 and peak on the trend curve in 2025. Blues appeal to a range of emotions from its regal luxurious qualities to it's connection with midnight sky and the depth of the ocean. Explore a range of blue Pantone shades happening on the runway.

Women wearing blue fall outfits.

I hope this post and the moodboards inspired you for the season ahead. Will you be using any of these shades in the coming seasons in your projects? Share your creations with me and tag me @thepatternedit on Instagram and I love seeing how your projects are coming along!

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