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Summer Culture: Swimwear Trends at SwimShow 2023

Nothing says summer like beachwear and swimwear! Swimwear epitomizes summer dressing with it's carefree and fun energy that sees coverage get smaller, fabrics feel lighter, the colors get vivid, and the patterns are more engaging! July was a memorable month as I got to attend Miami SwimShow and immerse myself in the latest trends happening in the world of swimwear. It was an unforgettable experience seeing pace pick up after few years of slowdown and meeting international brands and professionals. Among the sea of eye-catching styles, one key takeaway was learning the way brands are continuing to add value to consumers' lives. Swimwear is more than just a style, it goes beyond to meet the diverse needs of consumers in their search for the perfect bikini! Read on to learn ways swim brands embrace trends and ways to cater to individual consumer preferences.

Swimwear Trends 2023 at Miami SwimShow

What is SwimShow?

SwimShow is the largest swimwear event in the world that gathers over 200 designers and brands and 7500 attendees including industry professionals, including buyers, designers, press, influencers, stylists, and fashion leaders from over 60 countries who come to the event to discover the upcoming trends that will shape the industry in the coming year. It represents full spectrum of the swim lifestyle, encompassing beachwear, resort wear, men's and children's swimwear and a wide range of accessories and highlighting the latest trends and sneak peek into what's to come in the world of swim fashion.

Executive director of SwimShow, Judy Stein, explains "SwimShow has a commitment to representing all swim tiers and categories, our platform has a proud history of working with size-inclusive brands, trendsetters, and pioneers in sustainability. By bringing together the diverse group of brands, SwimShow aims to reunite the swim industry in a single, unified space”.

This year's event also saw SwimLab, the innovative collaboration between SwimShow and WGSN, panel with the four new-to-market swim brands that are part of SwimLab bringing unique value to the market shaping swimwear trends into 2024!

Embracing Diversity: Celebrating Every Body

Recognizing consumer diversity and diverse needs of every customers go beyond personal preferences. It is also a way of sending a message and building a connection with consumers. Axil Swim was one of the brands highlighted by WGSN SwimLab for it's dedication to empowering individuals with swimwear options that celebrate diverse body types and helping them to embrace their unique beauty. The brand was launched in 2022 out of Los Angeles, and the brand sets itself apart by offering inclusive sizing, a variety of cuts and styles to cater to every body shape and size to help their customer feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. The brand also sets itself apart by using sustainable recycled fabrics in all of its swimsuits. The brand's tagline is ‘Be Who You Want To Be’ channeling its inclusive nature making.

Sustainable Swimwear: Design with a Conscience

Prioritizing environmental consciousness and sustainability took center stage as one of the key areas for many brands showcasing this year. Bee Surreal was one of the brands highlighted by SwimLab for it's commitment to sustainable and environmental practices that cater to consumers' needs. Created by Lolita Tobon, 18 year old, in Colombia, the brand’s focus is on the most important living beings on the planet, bees. Made from regenerated nylon, each suit is fully sustainable and BeeSurreal donates $4USD for every suit sold to Arbol y Miel, a non-profit organization supporting the livelihood of bees. During the panel presentation Lolita said that "when does a little bit we collectively take a step towards sustainability."

Creatively, Bee Surreal collections are inspired by the deep connection and respect we have for nature and animals. It reflects a sense of slow life, a desire to escape the city and return to the place where it all began. "We are always looking for ways to make our swimwear unique and a reminder of the importance of bees in our daily lives." - Lolita Tabon.

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Athleisure Meets Swimwear

For hardcore city dwellers, versatility and functionality play a significant role in shaping their fashion preferences and aesthetic. The fast paced lifestyles demand fashion that can keep up with busyness effortlessly. Haus Label was highlighted by SwimLab as a brand that perfectly blends utility with fashion and function. Founded by Karina Trofimova, in New York's Lower East Side, the brand delivers pieces for active individuals who value outfit repeatability. The brand also values sustainability! Swim pieces are made of nylon from recovered ocean waste and post-consumer plastic bottles and can easily translate from day to night; from pilates to work; from a bike ride to dinner with friends. Activewear, leisurewear, and everything in between to support a busy lifestyle. During the panel presentation, Karima described the woman Haus Label customer as someone who is "...Ambitious, strong, independent and has a lot on their plate. She appreciates simple decision-making and prefers investing in pieces that are multifunctional, interchangeable and she can get a lot of wear from."

The Power of Prints

Prints and patterns are key elements in swimwear that offer a means for self-expression. Beyond aesthetics, swimwear holds the power to allow consumers to express personality and evoke a sense of cultural belonging and community driving unique value. Nua Swim was one of the brands highlighted by SwimLab that exemplifies this commitment by delivering swimsuits that beautifully connect with customers' cultural roots and origins. Founded by Ananda Saba, the Brazilian brand captures the captivating sensuality the country is known drawing inspiration from the rhythm of Bossa Nova and retro nostalgic style of the 1960s. Nua Swim's pieces feature eye-catching prints with playful pops of color, exuding fun and carefree Bossa Nova attitude! The brand's name "Nua" which means “naked” in Portuguese encourages individuals to embrace their true selves. Nua Swim has also partnered with Brazil Foundation where a percentage of all sales are donated to the Amazon Fund.

SwimShow set the stage for an unforgettable summer filled with fashion-forward swimwear trends for the upcoming year. The brands showcasing brought not only innovative and trend forward styles but also addressed crucial issues such as sustainability, social impact, empowerment, functionality and connection. As we look into 2024, these trends and are set to make a significant impact on the world of swim fashion and the sun-kissed season culture!

Looking for more trend insights and inspiration? Check out Trend Reports Section for curated Print and Pattern Trend Forecasts or get in touch with me via the Contact form if you have any feedback or would like to discuss your design and trend forecasting projects.


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