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Spring 2024 Color Trends: 5 Key Colors to Watch

Planning for a great and memorable summer it's never too early! As the world continues to navigate post-pandemic life, Spring 2024 season ushers in new moods and mindsets that will shape the fashion landscape. For Spring/Summer 2024, WGSN and Coloro predict key colors to be Fondant Pink, Cyber Lime, Radiant Red, Elemental Blue, and Nutshell that are set to dominate the world of design and fashion. These hues embody our collective craving for equilibrium and steadiness as we continue to navigate the tumultuous tides of change and express our evolving needs.

Jenny Clark, Head of Color at WGSN noted that: “Our five key colours speak to the rapid change which consumers are navigating on a daily basis. They reflect the ongoing desire for stability and need to nurture and care for each other in these difficult times. These colours will touch us mentally and physically, raising our energy levels or grounding us back down, they connect to the evolving, fast paced and technologically driven world we live in.”

Joanne Thomas, Head of Content at Coloro also adds that: “Cultivating a hopeful and positive mindset has become a powerful coping mechanism for consumers. Care, connection and community underpin our five key colors for S/S 24. From Fondant Pink and Radiant Red’s stimulating, sweet qualities nurturing a loving culture, to Elemental Blues and Nutshell’s grounding and stable attributes, and finally, Cyber Limes synthetic realism, connecting us to our ever expanding digital lives. These sensorial shades open up a window to the future of color and allow for seamless passage between our IRL and URL worlds.”

These shades are ones to consider for fashion forward consumers seeking to find their footing in a world that's in flux. Explore a few selected and curated looks designers have used these shades to help you navigate the storytelling in your design in 2024 and beyond.

Spring 2024 Color Trend: CYBER LIME 051-76-36

A bright, acidic, and luminous shade of yellow points toward an optimistic, playful energy consumers are seeking that will grab attention both in digital and physical settings. It injects fantasy and dream like qualities that and can work across categories and markets including activewear, swim, resort, outerwear and more and works easily into seasonal prints including plaids, stripes, and florals, and abstract patterns.

Looking to use Cyber Lime in your designs? Ground the upbeat vibe with darker core mid-tones like browns, teals, and charcoals. Play up the upbeat energy with other neon like shades for energising directions. Pair it with neutral and depigmented pastels for a versatile wellness promoting directions. Seen in Spring and Fall fashion shows including Genny, Erdem, Tanya Taylor, Beatrice B, and more.

Spring 2024 Color Trends WGSN Coloro - Cyber Lime

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

Spring 2024 Color Trend - FONDANT PINK 147-70-20

Fondant Pink is a pigmented pastel that has an easygoing and soothing appeal. It's softness points to a trend for consumers looking for a sense of wellness and well being to help them ease tensions of everyday burdens. The pigmented tone translates well between physical and virtual settings as hybrid lifestyles force consumers to consider the impact of their choices both in virtual and real settings.

Pair Fondant Pink with darks for strong, versatile looks that work for day to night time dressing. Mix fondant pink with like pastels to suit restful and restorative design directions. Find this shade in recent shows including Valentino Spring 23 Couture show, Maria Mcmanus, Simkhai, Brandon Maxwell, and more.

Spring 2024 Color Trends WGSN Coloro - Fondant Pink

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

Spring 2024 Color Trend: RADIANT RED 011-50-32

Red shifts from an off-kilter Astro Dust in Fall 2023 to a saturated shade of Radiant Red for Spring 2024. Alive with energy, it's saturation points to a desire for emotionally and mentally engaging and energy. Red is associated with strength, renewed motivation, playfulness and invigorating qualities for consumers looking to make a bold statement and make a statement. Balance Radiant Red with neutrals and depigmented shades for more everyday and timeless appeal. Pair radiant red in a duo palette with other intense pigments for bold eye catching looks. Find radiant red used in shows including Moschino, Jonathan Cohen, Altuzarra.

Spring 2024 Color Trends WGSN Coloro - Radiant Red

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

Spring 2024 Color Trend - ELEMENTAL BLUE 117-47-13

Blue shifts from a character rich shade of Galactic Cobalt of Fall 2023 to a a less consuming more neutral Elemental Blue in Spring 2024. The shade is reflective of a desire for moderation, balance, and unintrusive energy as consumers seek to reflect inward. Similar mid-tone blues Pantone Blue Perennial and Summer Song were also highlighted in the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report for Spring 2023. Pair Elemental blue with monochromatic neutrals and dusty pastels for unobtrusive and modest appeal. Add a pop of luminous pastels for a more enhanced engaging appeal. Find elemental blue across Spring and Fall fashion shows including Victoria Bekcham, Zankov, Badgley Mischka, and more.

Spring 2024 Color Trends WGSN Coloro - Elemental Blue

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

Spring 2024 Color Trend: NUTSHELL 024-37-20

A red-infused shade of brown brings character to a traditionally core neutral color. It's warm qualities invite a sense of connection, reassurance, authenticity, and quality, and craftsmanship. It points to a desire for longevity, timelessness, and connection . Pair Nutshell in a duo color palette with primary mid-tones like reds, greens, and blues for refined statement pieces. Work Nutshell in a monochromatic palette to appeal to a customer looking for longevity and timelessness. Find nutshell used in Spring and Fall fashion shows including Valentino, Officine Générale, Act No. 1, Genny, and more.

Spring 2024 Color Trends WGSN Coloro - Nutshell Brown

Images are courtesy of Vogue Runway.

The 5 key colors highlighted point to evolving shifts in consumer moods and preferences rather than a singular color story or precise color guidance. Looking to build custom trendboards and color palettes to suit your brand and category in line with your customer? Don't hesitate to reach out via the contact form to book a time for a meet and greet and discuss your design needs and timelines.

For WGSN and Coloro Press Release here.

Looking for more indepth trend reports and forecasts for SS'24 and FW'23/24 seasons in the Trend Reports section to help you plan the perfect range! Find inspiration for SS'24 and kickstart your season!


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Jun 27, 2023

The insights and predictions you've shared are truly fascinating and offer a glimpse into the future of fashion and design. The color palettes you've highlighted are refreshing and inspiring, capturing the essence of the upcoming season. Elenor | BestReplica 😀

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