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5 Fashion Trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week AW22

Copenhagen Fashion Week wrapped up last Friday kicking off the February fashion month with it's distinct Scandinavian style. Known for it's minimalist fashion aesthetic, what sets Copenhagen Fashion scene apart is it’s latest revival of infusing bright expressive colors into it's signature minimalist functional aesthetic that are are more slow fashion than trend passing. Autumn Winter 2022 collections were no different bringing mood boosting colourful dressing mixed with clean polished 1990s inspired silhouettes. Here are our favourite looks and 5 overarching themes to emerge from Danish designers including Marimekko, Ganni, Stone Goya, Henrik Vibskov, Munthe, and more!

Bright Red

Red was the color seen across a number of collections from luscious reds to burgundy and deep plums! Whether head to toe looks from Henrik Vibskov to 90s inspired slip dresses red was the key color in line Pantone and WGSN's forecasted luscious red trend for 2023. Red is the color of energy, passion, strength, and resilience that speaks to the strength we've all collectively had to find within ourselves over the past few seasons. A key color for Fall 2022 that is ever chic to enjoy longevity in the next few seasons to come.

Clean and Polished Neutrals

With it's signature stripped back silhouettes and earthy neutral colors, clean and neutral polished tones contrasted bright saturated colors to appeal for clean dressing that lets their personalities shine and take center stage. Malene Birger, Ganni, and Mark Kenly Domino Tan were at the forefront of presenting timeless styles to stand the test of time. Maja Dixdotter of Malene Birger noted that the collection was inspired by the city of Florence.

When I look back to my studies [in Florence], everything I did [was] also all these golden tones and dusty shades, which apparently I really like - Dixdotter said.

Stylized Florals

Florals can go a long way in extending the lifespan of one's wardrobe expressing a multitude of moods and emotions. Stylized blooms took part in Stine Goya, Munthe, and Soulland shows. Pastels are still the dominant trend on runway, but bright vitamin rich tones and warm like rust and burnt orange have been creeping into collections, along with bright shades of blue and green. More mainstream that bohemian chic florals, stylized all over ditsy and abstract expressive floral prints will keep a wardrobe fresh and going to be big in 2022!

Ombre Gradient Dyes

Ombre gradient washes have found a new presence replacing the tie dyes from the early days of 2020. A colorful spectrum of light, fading from one hue to the next until it creates a gentle blur. From muted earthy tones that land well into accessible casual pieces to bright, rainbow mood boosting colorways ombre fashion is finding it's way into wardrobes whether Gen Z or sophisticated stylish Baby Boomers looking for occasional wear with a sense of ease and colourful expression.

Mood Boosting Dopamine Dressing

Part dressing for virtual digital realities, part dressing for mood boosting feel good personal moments bright shades are an undeniable way of bringing more self into your world. Whether a party mood, or every day occasion celebrating little wins, sometimes it's just all about letting your hair down and really letting yourself go for it. Stine Goya's Fall Winter 2022 collection really brings dopamine dressing into focus with bright purple and Pantone Peri shades and commanding neons.

Looking for more runway inspired trends? Keep up with more runway looks and follow our Pinterest Autumn Winter 2022 board for more womenswear fashion runway highlights as we head into the February fashion month!


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