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Canadian Designer Fashion: Fashion Art Toronto x INLAND 2022

Fashion Art Toronto is an annual arts & fashion week that celebrates contemporary Canadian art and design through runway shows, live performances, fashion films, photography exhibits and art installations. INLAND is a Canadian designer popup marketplace founded in 2014 that connects consumers to shop designer pieces to help that reflect their personal values and aesthetic while moving away from passive consumerism toward thoughtful collecting and promoting sustainable collections, advocating for diverse representation, and empowering local voices.

This year Fashion Art Toronto partnered with INLAND for a 3 day event that featured 40 Canadian brands, runway shows, and textile exhibits. This was the first in person live event since 2019 and the FAT and INLAND teams set the bar high for celebrating Canadian designer fashion, bringing fashion, art, and design communities together, and setting the bar high for fashion events to follow!

Sustainability, slow and mindful dressing, and feel good vibrant expressive styles were key themes and trends among the brands showcasing this year. Enjoy the were some of the my favorite moments I had an opportunity to watch from this year's show.


Kate Austin Designs

Sustainable, fair-trade, colourful block-printed clothing and accessories for women.

Uni Design

Gernderless clothing made locally from upcycled materials. Each piece is completely unique, made from hand sourced vintage, original and pre-loved fabrics.