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LVMH 2021 Semi Finalists Style and Aesthetic

The LVMH announced it's 20 semi finalists at the end of last month for it's coveted Young Fashion Designer Prize which provides financial support along with mentorship from LVMH executives to the finalists. The 20 designers selected this year represent up and coming talent from across the world bringing a truly multicultural perspective on fashions trends taking place. Many of the designers selected are small scale independent labels and bring innovative interpretations to fashion and contemporary culture. While the semi finalists highlight a diverse range of fashion styles a number of unifying themes emerged across their latest collections including focus on sustainability, gender neutral aesthetic, and strength of spirit that celebrates optimism and positive attitude in light of current challenges everyone's had to face. While every designer's take is unique and noteworthy here are a few mood boards that explore ways few of the semi-finalists have used print and color in to define their style and aesthetic in their recent collections.

Kika Vargas

Colombian based womenswear label named after it's founder Kika Vargas. Kika's signature style includes billowy voluminous silhouettes that are both bohemian and relaxed. Her latest collections feature muted color palettes spiced up by all over ditsies and large scale bold floral prints that bring out a sense of romanticism and command.

There are beautiful parallels between her aesthetic and the art of art nouveau and impressionism styles.

Image Credits: Kika Vargas, Alphonse Mucha, Jean Claude Monet


Japanese based label started by Takuya Morikawa. The brand's concept is "Unrealistic Reality" and features experimental silhouettes and proportions,

two tone tie dyes, and abstracted florals that create dream like aesthetic that will make others pause and second the prints. The prints create a dream like harmonious post opulence style.

Takuya is quotes saying: "..Because of the pandemic, we’ve taken the strengths of both digital and analog ideas to strengthen and improve our communication design. Working with my team, we have been thinking of new ways of truly connecting and reaching out to our audience."

Image Credits: TAAKK, Pinterest

Shuting Qui

Chinese based label founded by Shuting Qui. Her signature style is a maximalist romantic medley featuring asymmetrical and experimentation in silhouette, often rendered in rich contrasting colors of silk jacquards, intricate embroidery, and floral prints.

Image Credits: Shuting Qui, Wassily Kandinsy, Harriet Parry

Christopher John Rogers

The US based womenswear label founded by Christopher John Rogers. The designer's signature style uses bold blocks of color, voluminous silhouettes, and eye-catching tailoring.

Christopher described the brand's style and aesthetic as "..the breaking down of aesthetic hierarchies—the idea of dressing for an intellectual, or an ingenue, someone mature versus someone more youthful, doesn’t really exist in our world as a brand…. This idea of adhering to an archetype is something that we’re trying to reject, and actively offering pieces that allow for an expansive expression of self. We consider different body types when designing into the collection, and try to offer a range of silhouettes that allow for people to see themselves in the work regardless of their size."

Image credits: Christopher John Rogers, Piet Mondrian, Andy Warhol

Full list of 2021 semi finalists:

AGR by Alicia Robinson, womenswear and menswear, British designer based in London

Bianca Saunders, menswear, British designer based in London

Charles de Vilmorin, genderless collections, French designer based in Paris

Christopher John Rogers, womenswear, American designer based in New York

Conner Ives, womenswear, American designer based in London

Federico Cina, genderless collections, designer italian based in Sarsina

Kidsuper by Colm Dillane, menswear, American designer based in New York

Kika Vargas, womenswear, Colombian designer based in Bogota

Lagos Space Programme by Adeju Thompson, genderless collections, Nigerian designer based in Lagos

Lukhanyo Mdingi, womenswear and menswear, South African designer based in Cape Town

Midorikawa by Taku Midorikawa, genderless collections, Japanese designer based in Tokyo

Nensi Dojaka, womenswear, Albanian designer based in London

Post Archive Faction (PAF) by Dongjoon Lim, menswear, South Korean designer based in Seoul

Renaissance Renaissance by Cynthia Merhej, womenswear, Lebanese designer based in Beyrouth

Rier by Andreas Steiner, genderless collections, Italian designer based in Paris

Rui by Rui Zhou, genderless collections, Chinese designer based in Shanghai

Saul Nash, menswear, British designer based in London

Shuting Qiu, womenswear, Chinese designer based in Shanghai

Taakk by Takuya Morikawa, menswear, Japanese designer based in Tokyo

Wed by Amy Trinh and Evan Phillips, womenswear, British designers based in London


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